Saturday, 26 April 2008


25/4/08 Friday

My First day in months where I have the day to myself (Yippee) as Tony has taken himself off to Lords for the Day .
I made a couple of telephone calls to my friends then I thought I would put some washing on and my washing machine is in my Garage.
I took the step down into the garage clothes in my arms and trod on a plug my right foot twisted over and down I went I felt sick and couldnt move for 20 miutes bearing in mind Tony had only just gone. I have a huge Bruise on my left shoulder ond a bigger bruise on my right ankle. But we Plod on.

Friday, 11 April 2008


Friday 11/4/08

Had to go back to the Chiropodists today as I had to phone monday for an S.O.S appt as I could hardly walk I have been having treatment for a long time for an ingrowing toenail and it had become infected so I had to also go to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

I have to go on the 6th May to have the nail removed Ooch!!!


Wednesday 9/4/08

Tony's Birthday took him out to Kongs in Bourne End for Lunch had a lovely meal really pigged out Whats new I hear you say!

Tony got a TomTom for his Birthday and yes he managed to work out how to use it all by himself yes Miricles do happen!!