Friday, 1 July 2011

MY Birthday

30th June 2011 A day i shall remember for a long while.
Started at 4am as i got up to go and watch the sunrise on the beach.....

the day started with a very unexpected visit from my friend who lives down south and who was visiting with her brother in Skegness it was a defo Wow OMG moment. Then had a lovely lunch in the village with tony and went to the car terrace to watch the sea and Rain lol and i asked while there would it be possible to produce me a rainbow. picked blackberries from neighbours garden in the afternoon and while sat chat to my cyber friends i had anoth omg moment as a rainbow appeared. a truly Magical Birthday. Thank you universe for producing a magic day.

This is the fabulous card made by my sister Maureen a very talented bear artist and now card maker.